Yemen.. successive crises
علي أحمد
علي أحمد
It is apparent that the situations in Yemen are heading towards the unknown, which has always been warned of by those who adhere to the stability, unity, and future of this country. The National Reconciliation Conference, which was decided to kick off last November, was postponed to an unknown date, and the reason, as circulated, is due to the position of some political forces that has not yet decided on their participation in the dialogue. Other groups in the Southern Movement, especially those receiving directives from abroad, are working to obstruct the entitlements of the transitional period, thwart the Gulf Initiative, and bring things back to the square of deadlock, crisis, and explosion, along with the accompanying sense of cracking the Unification and threatening the Yemeni society with fragmentation. 
في الخميس 07 مارس - آذار 2013 11:02:47 ص

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